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28 Day HCG Injections Diet included


28 Day HCG Injections with TrimSure Shake


2 Month HCG Injections Diet included


2 Month HCG Injections with TrimSure Shake


SlenderForm Combo


TrimFX Slimming Drops


TrimFX Capsules


CLA Soft Capsules


FirmFX Capsules


Cherry Nougat Shake/White Chocolate Latte

R420-00 each

Fat Attack Pack Choice of Cherry Nougat OR White Chocolate Shake


Slimming Eating Plans For 1 Month OR 3 Months

R450-00-1Month; R950-00-3Months

Medical Disclaimer

Our Lifestyle Slimming Program is based on healthy everyday food.  This program is suitable for men, women and children above the age of twelve years.  PLEASE BE AWARE that you may experience symptoms on the Lifestyle Slimming Program such as headaches, tiredness, and in exceptional cases, nausea, in the first few days due to detoxification.   We like to clarify that you must avoid any food to which you are allergic, or any food that is known to be forbidden to you because of any sensitivity of any kind.

NOTICE to all our customers for legalities and further reclamation’s we clearly inform the following – by ordering HCG Injections or any other dieting supplements from MassAnon Healthy Slimming you agree that you are of legal age, that you discussed the product with your doctor, and that you will use the products in the manner in which they were intended for and that you will dispose of all sharps in a manner consistent with local codes in your area. MassAnon Healthy Slimming will not be held liable for any consequential damages that result from the use of any product, or the liability to use the products and services on this site or the performance of the products. 

People with a cancer- and heart history, gall bladder problems, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and women suffering from PCOS, cannot use HCG injections.   

Purchasing automatically means that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions.